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Depression – Are You Really Depressed?

Depression Comes and Life Goes?

Depression bites. We’re sorry, but there is no other way to put it. It's a gross, heavy, disgusting monster that feels like a parasite that saps all of your life energy to sustain itself. If you are living with depression, you can probably admit you are in a vicious cycle. You want to crawl out of your depressed state, but most of the things that would possibly help just take too much energy and motivation, which you have none of because you are... well, depressed.

Then you feel guilty about not doing those things that seem so easy for other people, which zaps you even more and drives you deeper into depression. It is not fun one bit, nothing about it is fun and we understand that it probably makes you feel pretty frustrated.   That's okay. Right now, you don't need to feel confident or hopeful. We will be confident in you right now and you can pick up the reigns later. We know that you can get through this. My confidence in you is not misplaced or unfounded.

You're a brilliant human being and we hope you give us the chance to prove it to you. Consider this: you are exhausted, right? Feeling like every single thing you do takes 1000% more effort because you have this annoying personal black cloud over your head as well as a backpack full of 100 heavy bricks that you carry around all day?

When Depression brings its host of effects?

Alright, so, many of you are probably not sure whether or not the crappy feelings you are having qualify as a depression. We tend to throw around the term depression pretty casually here in the USA.

You might hear someone say that they are depressed when their sports team blows it or when their favorite musical group loses a member. This points to one of the annoying things about depression: it is an emotion and it is also the name of a disorder.

What we mean is, you can feel depressed without having depression. Throw in the fact that depression does not look the same for everyone and this shit can get really confusing.

Let’s try to clear it up a bit.   Have you ever lost a family member or favorite pet? Have you ever completely bombed a test that you needed to do well on in order to get the grade you wanted in a class? Have you broken up with a significant other? I could keep going, but what I am trying to get at is the fact that we have all encountered periods of sadness in our lives. What is distinct about the sadness that follows these sorts of events is that it is “reactional” in nature.

That means you have gone through some shit and your heart is really heavy as a result. You might even have been more than “just a little sad.” Maybe you were having a hard time eating, crying almost constantly, and feeling completely drained of your energy. It is common for difficult circumstances to throw you into a sort of temporary depression.

This is a good thing. It means that you are a good human and that you cared about the issue in the first place. We run into trouble when our overwhelming feelings of sadness extend beyond the immediate situation. If the situation resolves and you still find yourself in the throes of these feelings, you might need to take a step back and evaluate whether you might be depressed.

Of course, many of you are probably here because you are in a similar emotional state, seemingly for no reason. Nobody died, and objectively things are not all that bad, but you just can’t seem to stop feeling like garbage. In fact, that probably fuels the depressive fire even more. That knowledge that things could be worse.

Depending on your circumstances and who you ask, there very well may be a reason for this depressed state you find yourself in … it just might take some digging to find it.

Even if you feel you have no reason to be in such bad shape, it is important, to be honest with yourself and consider the possibility that something clinically significant might be going on here.    And we can’t neglect to mention the people who have an easily identifiable reason for their depression. Trauma, abusive relationships, extreme poverty, a never ending series of tragedies… all of these things are good reasons to feel depressed. It’s tough because these circumstances are not really “your fault.”


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